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Issue #2 - Print (+ Digital Copy)

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Issue Two of Into the Void in high quality, perfect-bound print. Each purchase comes with a digital copy emailed to you as a PDF file. Make sure to enter your email address correctly on the payment page to ensure you receive the digital copy.

Contains 35 pieces from 35 contributors over 56 pages. Estimated delivery is 7 working days internationally, 2 working days Ireland.


Kenneth Pobo
Mary O'Melveny
Julie Irigaray
Sara Backer
Anne Casey
C.C. Russell
Robert Okaji
Madilyn de Leon
Robert Joe Stout
Caroline Stockford
David Hathwell
Freddie Trevaskis Hoskin
Charles Bane Jr
Jim Trainer
Trish Delaney
Sandra Kolankiewicz
Joshua Medsker
Heidi Seaborn
Christina Frei
Lucía Damacela


Fiona Perry
Mark Brazaitis
Arthur Plotnik
Stephanie Dickinson
Paul Brownsey
Katie Stine


Walburga Appleseed


Zach Moroney
Angel Chipres
Aruna Mene
Francesca Perticerini
J. Ray Paradiso
Jade Hutchinson
Marjan Augustin