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'In Failure & In Ruins: Dreams & Fragments' by Mark Bolsover


Image of 'In Failure & In Ruins: Dreams & Fragments' by Mark Bolsover

Copy of 'In Failure & In Ruins: Dreams & Fragments' by Mark Bolsover in high-quality paperback. 52 pages. Estimated delivery is approx. 1 week international, 2-3 days Ireland.

Throughout this collection of psychological realist experimental prose-poetry, shards of experience & fragments of dreams hint toward the narrator’s enigmatic relationship with an ever-elusive young woman. The ensuing confusion & desperation set the tone for a pervasive sense of frustration & loss, for things, opportunities, & persons lost–things lying in failure & in ruins–that unite these dreams & fragments . . .

- "Bolsover has done something wonderful . . . highly charged, psychological, experimental poetry at its best. The imagery is sublime . . . totally unique voice. This is a book to be cherished and read again and again. – Matt Duggan, Erbacce-Prize for Poetry Winner 2015, Into the Void Poetry Competition Winner 2016"

Cover art © Gareth Dutton | garethdutton.com

Read an extract from the book, a prose-poem titled ‘the failure of communication. (–the gesture). …,’ here: https://intothevoidmagazine.com/the-failure-of-communication-the-gesture-by-mark-bolsover/

Mark Bolsover has a PhD in English Literature from The University of Edinburgh, and works as a freelance writer, based in Edinburgh. He has short experimental prose-poetry published internationally, with FREAK CIRCUS, Into the Void, Ink in Thirds, 404 Ink, Spinebind, & forthcoming in an anthology of ‘multimodal work’ with Twelve Winters Press. His piece, ‘eye contact (or,. . . –an only optical love),’ was a winner of the Into the Void Poetry Competition 2016.